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Fourth National Marine Symposium

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“Blue economy through clean seas”

Guidelines for authors to prepare the full papers

Fourth national symposium guideline

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 28 February 2018 10:00 )
  • Awareness Boards in Jaffna

  • Opening of “Aqtropica” Environmental Resource Center- Payagala

  • " SPLLIEX 2017 " National Oil Spill Combat Excercise

  • Two days Workshop for Eco Tourist Guides Pigeon Island

  • “2017 WANA ROPA” Tree Planting Programme – Trincomalee District

கடல் மாசடைதல் தடுப்புச் சட்டத்தின் கீழ் இலங்கை அரசாங்கத்தினால் கடல் மாசுறுவதைத் தடுத்தல், நிருவாகம் மற்றும் முகாமைத்துவம் என்பன தொடர்பான முழு பொறுப்புடன் கூடியவாறு நிறுவப்பட்ட தலைமை நிறுவனம் கடல் மாசுறல் தடுப்பு அதிகாரசபை ஆகும். கடலை அண்டிய பிரதேசங்களில் இடம்பெறுகின்ற சூழலை மாசுபடுத்துகின்ற யாதேனும் சம்பவங்கள் இடம்பெறுமாயின் அது பற்றி 011-2687520 எனும் எமது நேரடி தொலைபேசி இலக்கத்திற்கு அறியத்தரவும்.

செய்திகளும் சம்பவங்களும்

Laboratory Service Laboratory Service Coming Soon மேலும்
Awareness Boards in jaffna Jaffna Placing Awareness Boards in jaffna coastal zones (Chartty beach , Gurunagar, Pannai, Navanthurai on 21.12.2017 ) ... மேலும்
“2017 WANA ROPA” Tree Planting Programme – Trincomalee District     Sri Lanka is a tropical country having exotic vegetation. However, unfortunately the forest cover of Sri Lanka had been dropped to 29.... மேலும்
Opening of “Aqtropica” Environmental Resource Center- Payagala   The coastal area of Kalutara district is rich with vital ecosystems such as mangroves and estuaries. Recent years MEPA had identified the... மேலும்
Two days Workshop for Eco Tourist Guides Pigeon Island Pigeon Island is one of the well-recognized tourist attractions in Trincomalee. It was declared as a sanctuary in 1963 and in 2003 re-design... மேலும்
" SPLLIEX 2017" National Oil Spill Combat Excercise National Oil Spill Exercise 2017 was successfully held on December 14th and 15th at Disaster Management Center with Sri Lanka Ports Authorit... மேலும்
" SPLLIEX 2016" National Oil Spill Combat Excercise Marine Environment Protection Authority (MEPA) has conducted table top exercise and Oil Spill Combat Exercise (SPILLEX 2016) on 9th and 10th... மேலும்
Echchankadu Mangrove Planting Progaramme “WANAROPA” Mangrove Planting Programme – Echchankadu 2016 In accordance to the “National Week for Tree Planting” declared by the Ministry o... மேலும்
National Coastal and Marine Resources Conservation Week from 15 - 22 September, 2017 Fighting for Trash Free Seas In line with Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup, Marine Environment Protection Author... மேலும்
Beach Monitoring Tower - Unawatuna 24 July, 2016 Life saving and Marine pollution monitoring tower,  which was constructed  by Marine Environment Protection Authority was op... மேலும்
Sri Lankan President joins walk to celebrate World Oceans Day June 08, His Excellency the president Maithripala Sirisena took part in a special walk organized to celebrate the World Oceans Day, Which is... மேலும்