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World Oceans Day 2017




The main conservation focus will be on plastic pollution prevention and cleaning the ocean of marine litter.
World Oceans Day National Programme 2017
  • The integrated linkage between the ocean and human beings is immense and  vital. Despite your identity and the location
    your deeds practices a direct or indirect impact on the existence of the ocean though you are oblivion to the scenario.
  • The ocean functions as an influential unit which regulates climate conditions around the world and provides satisfaction for 
    millions of people by fulfilling their food needs. Also the ocean can be defined as the fundamental source which contributes
    for the production of the oxygen that is needed for respiration of organisms. Ocean acts as home for diverse vibrant
    organisms and it provides  several medicines for human beings.
  • In addition to them, ocean has become the most significant component at the top part of the hydrological cycle which is
    important for the existence of life and it appears to be the main source of many mineral resources which are economically
    important to human. Thus ocean has been admired as the heart of mother Earth.
  • Marine pollution is recognized as a crucial issue which severely affects many countries around the world and irresponsible
    and injurious activities of humans have led to these detrimental effects. Garbage and agrochemicals which are discarded
    from land arrive ocean polluting the bluish gleaming waters thus bringing about severe damages to the marine ecosystem.
  • The responsibility to protect the ocean which plays  a great vital role for humans lies in our hands thus without letting it to be
    exposed to be  destroyed by human negligence . We will celebrate World Oceans Day  on June 08 of each year to develop the
    public awareness in order to meet that responsibility.
  • The main objective of celebrating the World Oceans Day this year is to raise the awareness of the people regarding the
    importance and protection of  the oceans along with the theme of “Our Oceans, Our Future”.
  • The national programme of the World Oceans Day of Sri Lanka has been planned to be held on 07th June, 2017 with the
    president of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, His Excellency the President of Mahaweli Development and
    Environment, Maithreepala Sirisena as the chief guest.
  • His Excellency the president carries out awareness walk from the Vihara Maha Devi Park to Galle Face Green and beach
    cleaning programmes will be held at Mattakuliya and Wellawatta beaches. Also the 08th volume of the “Sath Samudhura”
    magazine will be published.
  • World Oceans Day celebration programmes have been planned to be held by regional offices simultaneously in several
    major cities in the country.

National Programme 2017

Province District Locations
Awareness walk Beach clean-up
Western Colombo Victoria Park to GalleFace Crow Island, Wellawatta
Gampaha Porutota, Lellama
Kalutara Kalido beach Kalutara North
North Western Puttalam Chillaw Chillaw, Ambakandawila
Northern Mannar Jaffna Keeri beach, Arippu, Vankalai
Jaffna Jaffna town beach, Gurunagar,  Point Pedro
Eastern Trincomalee Trincomalee town beach, Fort
Batticaloa Kaluwanchikudy Kaluwanchikudy, Kaludawaly
Ampara Arugam Bay
Southern Galle Galle Dewata, Samanala beach
Matara Matara beach park, Matara fort
Hambantota Hambantota beach park, Hambantota salt pan


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