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Two days Workshop for Eco Tourist Guides Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is one of the well-recognized tourist attractions in Trincomalee. It was declared as a sanctuary in 1963 and in 2003 re-designated as one of two marine national parks in Sri Lanka by the Extraordinary Gazette No. 1291/16 considering the sensitivity of that area. Pigeon Island located as one of the twin islands in the east coast 2.3 Km away from Nilaveli beach. The larger island is called “Pura malei”, Pigeon Island while the other island is known as Crow Island or small pigeon island.

The livelihood of many people in the vicinity is related pigeon island and it is important to upgrade their livelihood through proper education. According to the concept developed by His Excellency the president 2017 has been named as Poverty Eradication year. To accomplish this goal MEPA has conducted several workshop to sustain the livelihood of the people who are engaging in marine related occupations. MEPA Trincomalee regional office had previously held a workshop on 22nd June 2017 at JkabPark Hotel for eco tourist guides at Pigeon Island to sustain their occupation through proper education.

As a continuation of this goal the second workshop on Live saving under the budget theme Poverty Alleviation was held on 4th and 5th December 2017 at the same premises with 60 eco tourist guides. The resources personnels from Live Saving Association Sri Lanka graced the event and the workshop was conducted for two days days theory and practical sessions. Sessions were conducted on life saving from water accidents, snake bites and poisonous creatures, cardiac arrest and artificial breathing techniques etc. The knowledge provided by the workshop was assessed using a basic question paper and practical test. The successful participants were awarded a certificate recognized by the local and international authorities.

Based on this competency the participants will be able to sustain their livelihood as eco guide



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