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Chemical Spills

Chemical Spill Events

A chemical spill is a situation in which a chemical is accidentally released. In the case of non-toxic chemicals, dealing with a spill is usually very straightforward, since the spill simply needs to be cleaned up. However, spills of toxic chemicals represent a more serious problem, especially in the case of spills of multiple chemicals which could react with each other. Many nations have specific laws concerning large-scale chemical spills such as the release of chemicals from a damaged chemical tanker.

Sri Lanka Chemical Spill Events

M/T Granba Chemical tanker Accident at Trinkomalle

MT Granba chemical tanker left from Tutucorin on 4th April 2009 which caries 6250 mt of sulfuric acid. During the voyage ship crew observed that sulfuric acid leakage from one tank to ballast water tank. They try to repair it, but they could not do it. Therefore  they entered Sri Lankan waters and anchored at  6 Nautical miles away from Poul point.

Navy observed this vessel and rescued 19 crew members and informed other relevant agencies including MEPA.

Since Sulfuric acid is highly corrosive there was a threat damaging of ballast tank, leak to the sea (spill) and explosion..

Considering the threat MEPA take necessary measures to prevent the spill with assistance of Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Port Authority. Finally the vessel tow from anchored place to deep sea.

At the location of 5 nautical miles away from Poul point navy planned hand over rescue operation to rescue group sent by ship owner, however after hading over operation to above team, ship was sunken at the  location nearly 53 nautical miles away from Poul point and depth exceeding 3500 meters.

There was not any explosion or fire or major pollution incident due to ship sunk.
Compensation of in both criminal and civil liability for the incident was 15.6 million rupees.

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