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Ship Accidents

Accident of Marina Sedna

Marina Sedna was a barge, which was belonging to Singapore company was being transported a Dragger Scorpio, met accident near the port of Gall on 03.08.2007. While it was being dragged by a tug, the toe rope was broken and barge was hit on break water. Finally the barge was broken in two pieces, and there was a threat to oil spill. Because Dragger Scorpio was contained 90 000 l of diesel. Marne Environment Protection Authority  took action to remove all oil from the dragger and could to prevent the oil spill. All expense were charged from Ship owner. Operation was completed on 10.08.2007

Accident at Trinkomalle - 4th April 2009

Accident  0f MV Amanathsha

Mv Amathsha was a Bangladesh cargo which was sailing from Rangon of Myanmar to Bombe of India. On the passage there was a hull failier and she was sunken on 07.09.2006. 176mt of fuel oil was contained the ship. There was oil spill and oil and oily logs came to the beach. About 13 km of Koggala, Ahangama beach was polluted.

MEPA took action to remove oil and oily debris with assistance of Disaster Management Centre, Coast Conservation Department, Sri Lanka Navy, Sri Lanka Air Force, Sri Lanka Army, Private Company and NGOs. Meanwhile Indian Coast Guard came to assist the combat operation and they help to use dispersant at the site of oil spill. Cleaning process was conducted from 09 to 21 September 2006. Oil and oily debris were transported to Holcim Factory at Putlum for incinerate.

Legal action was taken according to the act of Marine Pollution Prevention and result is pending.

Accident near the port of Gall on 03.08.2007


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